Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strasburg, Is He Valued a Little Too High?

Is the hobby world putting a little too much stock in Stephen Strasburg? Don't get me wrong I think he is going to bea great pitcher. In his 12 starts he hasn't looked too bad.

Regular SeasonSeason to Date
Aug 21@ PHIW 8-1-4.1211006 5300068.02.91
Aug 15ARIW 5-3-5.0531107 5300063.22.97
Aug 10FLAL 2-8L4.1666124 5300058.23.07
Jul 21@ CINW 8-5W5.2733017 5200054.12.32
Jul 16@ FLAW 4-0W6.0400037 4200048.22.03
Jul 9SFOW 8-1W6.0311118 3200042.22.32
Jul 3NYMW 6-5-5.0422035 2200036.22.45
Jun 28@ ATLL 0-5L6.1643027 2200031.22.27
Jun 23KANL 0-1L6.0911009 2100025.11.78
Jun 18CHWL 1-2-7.04110010 2000019.11.86
Jun 13@ CLEW 9-4W5.1211158 2000012.12.19
Jun 8PITW 5-2W7.04221014 100007.02.57
Total 68.056252251792 5300068.02.91

The guy throws hard and he throws a lot of strikes. But as we allknow pitchers are a little more fragile than your typical field player. He was just put on the 15-Day DL. I wonder if this is going to be a reoccurring thing that happens because of the type of pitcher he is.

I know one could point at a guy like Greg Maddux w
ho pitched for close to 100 years and say he'll be fine. But Maddux was a different type of pitcher. Who is to say that Strasburg want change as he matures as a pitcher? Maybe he'll be fine throwing the gas that he throws the rest of his career. But what if he has 3 or 4 years plagued with injuries and he's done?

I guess I don't understand why all of the hype for pitcher whose career, to me, seems like more of a shot in the dark than a guy like Jason Heyward. The value of Strasburg's cards are crazy right now some even going for thousands of dollars when Heyward's cards are considerably lower. For a guy, like myself, that can't drop high dollar money on sports cards but still wants to be able to collect and turn a profit Heyward seems like the best buy at the moment. I don't know I might be crazy but this seems like the safe bet hands down. I'd like to hear what you think about this.

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